March 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

The last batch of revisions have been uploaded into the Oxford English Dictionary. Included in this list is a number of inititalisms such as omg, wag (wives and girlfriends) and even the heart symbol, representing the verb heart as in I heart New York.  While omg and lol may be strongly associated with text/internet chat(ter), the dictionary makers point to a personal letter from 1917 for the debut of the former, and note for both forms that they are not unknown in spoken language. I think we can assume that wide ranges of genres and modes as well as commmon usage are criteria for OED entry? Heteronormativity and its adjectival form also appear for the first time. I guess we will have to wait for Lisa Duggan’s creation, homonormativity, in the next installment. LOL or as Spanish speakers say on the internet jajajaja.  As a devotee, I am heartened, or perhaps, ♥ened to note that flat white  also makes its dictionary debut, my favourite coffee however is deemed an Australianism.


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