first lady Oprah is auto tuned

October 4, 2010 § Leave a comment

remember Obama getting I am T Pained?
Now its the first lady of daytime

The expression, first lady is an interesting one. It looks at first as if its just a translation of Italian prima donna. However this has a strongly negative connotation beyond its denotation ‘leading actress/singer’ in a company. Rather a first lady is the wife of the American president. But it’s application to spouses of other elected heads seems to be spreading:

In an unprecedented attack on the wife of a serving prime minister, he warned Mrs Blair to stay out of the political arena, and called her a cross between Lady Macbeth and Mrs Clinton.

“Cherie Blair is breaking the long-standing convention that prime ministers’ spouses do not push their own political agendas. It is unclear whether Cherie’s end goal is to be Lord Chancellor or whether she is happy to direct policy from behind the throne,” he said.

“What is clear is that Cherie has a bad dose of ‘Hillary Syndrome’. She forgets that in Britain we already have a First Lady: the Queen.

The Independent, Aug 8, 2000

However Cherie Blair had her own definition …

Ex-Prime Minister’s wife Cherie Blair has told U.S. TV viewers that Prince Philip is ‘really the First Lady of Britain’.

Cherie was promoting her autobiography on American chat show Jay Leno when she was asked if the role of the wife of a Prime Minister is the same as the wife of a U.S. President.

She told Mr Leno: ‘It’s different because actually the First Lady is the wife of the head of state.

Read more:–Queen-amazing.html#ixzz11FMrdQhU

Bronagh Key, whose husband is the current prime minister of New Zealand is seldom referred to as the first lady:

Bronagh Key is a woman of contrasts. She wears subtle jewellery that could be the equivalent of Niue’s GDP.

Yet, she says, she is a “bit of a tomboy actually”, who’s learning how to kickbox, avoids make-up during the day and can’t cook properly.

Apart from a couple of gushy women’s magazine articles, we’ve barely heard from the First-Lady-in-Waiting.

It seems from these quotes that quite a bit of discourse gets attached to a first lady. There are ways that they are seen to behave that opens them to criticism. Macbeth for the pure linguists among us who have never dabbled in literature famously incites her husband to murder. She seems an examplar for women wielding covert power and this is apraised quite negatively. One gets the impression that first ladies should be seen and not heard. for example, has made a business out of Mrs Obama’s (their address term) fashion sense

Our mission started during the presidential inauguration. Like most Americans, we watched the event on television, and we saw Mrs. Obama wearing her bold and stunning lime green dress. We wondered if we could get one just like it on the internet, and a quick search gave us our answer: a resounding no. As the weeks went on, the first lady remained a fashion icon, and if anything her exposure seemed to grow. However, finding a good online retailer proved just as difficult as before, so we decided that we’d go ahead and fill that void.

We wanted to make the dresses affordable to people like us, but we didn’t want to sacrifice anything in quality.  … Our dresses are just as beautiful as the fashions that Mrs Obama has worn. As we move forward with our store, we’ll be trying different things. We’d like to branch out and make dresses and shirts that are of our own design, albeit inspired by the fashion of our new first lady. We’ll be making versions of our existing outfits in different fabrics and colors. At some point we may even have the first annual crazy party for fans of Mrs O, in our home town of New Orleans Louisiana.


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