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January 25, 2010 § Leave a comment

Tonight’s episode of My name is Earl includes the line “Why are you so gay for space?”

“Gay for X” is apparently a relatively interpretable construction for some speakers of English. To be gay for something doesn’t imply homosexuality as the line above suggests, but indexes an unreasonable passion or obsession (possibly for an inappropriate target)  in the eyes of the speaker.

So you can be gay for anything, well at least be accused of it. It is interesting that gay seems to be morphing fast in its semantics. For younger speakers soon, an overtly sexuality-based meaning may not be its primary meaning. (Those of you with access to the Massey Library Have a look at Lalor & Rendle Short (2007), That’s so gay: a contemporary use of gay in Australian English. The Australian Journal of Linguistics, (27), 2, 147-173.

Current expressions ‘X is so gay’ where X does not = a homosexual identity need not be [+human] at all – Shortland St is so gay right now …

Interestingly, according to the urban dictionary – the slang wiki there is a variant for gay for expresssion that derives from a typo. This variant to be gar for seems strongly linked to a male target:
1. To like a male character or individual for being a cool, powerful badass.

Derived from a typo (‘gar’ instead of ‘gay’) on 4chan’s /a/nime image board when referring to Archer from the H-game and anime series “Fate Stay Night”.
“I’m gar for Archer.”
“Of course. Everyone’s gar for Archer.”

gay but not in a ‘trap’ sort of way in love with obsessed with or would probably like to be
by Ryukage May 2, 2006
2. gar
 A term used towards male characters and individuals who are so overwhelmingly manly that your own masculinity is absolutely *buried*, leaving you naught but a whimpering, swooning girl-child before them.

Originated in 4chan’s /a/ board. A poster was describing his feelings towards the Fate/Stay Night character Archer, and mistyped “gay” as “gar”.
“Episode 14 left me totally gar for Archer.”
“You are gar for badasses, but gay for traps.”

Urban Dictionary


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