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December 16, 2009 § Leave a comment

often spelled non-troversy

Okay so I am behind the times. The word’s been around since at least 1997 but seems to have increased in frequency since the mid 200s. It seems a nontroversy is an event that is hyped to be controversial but actually isn’t. The media and politicains are accused of creating nontroversies for their own gain. Many seem to cite the publishing fetishisation of celebrity as a continual source of nontraversial topics.

Speaking of wordy types – wordnerds, here is an interesting site to play around with and even join! Wordnik tracks new words and allows you to comment on them. Definitions are given but the examples and the presentation of cotext allows you to examine usage in more detail.

Here’s their definition of nontroversy:

December 10, 2009
Today’s word of the day is nontroversy, an event or occurrence that is seen as controversial by some people but not by others. It’s primarily colloquial or slang (thus the abundant uses in social messaging) and is used mainly by those who believe something that is being called a scandal or an outrage is really a non-issue. It’s formed from non- plus (c)ontroversy



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