The ppsi gnratn?

April 4, 2009 § Leave a comment

Apparently pepsi has rebranded some of its drink range … probably so far only in the states. Mountain dew is now Mtn dew, losing some vowels along the way to modernity.
So called text spelling then is making its way from your phone into other media. But what does this tell us about the intended market of the new look drink. I would venture to say that it some creative assumes that this will appeal to the so-called ‘youth market’. However, I wonder if this is true, and on what basis this decision rests? I mean, what evidence do we have that the younger generation are themselves transferring orthographic practices from texting, msn and messaging on online social networks to other genres of writing? i think an assumption here is that young people do not recognise genre. My question is, is this an insult to young peoples’ linguistic repertoire?


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